The Montessori curriculum is designed and referred to as a Cosmic Education, an integrated, thematic approach that examines the physical universe, the world of nature, and the human experience.

Through its unique approach to education, the Montessori curriculum develops a student’s sense of community and love of learning driven by their innate desire to understand and explain the world around them. In this approach at the Academy, we challenge students not only to master skills, but to regularly apply them in practical life as part of a larger whole. As a result, our students attain proficiency in an astounding range of concepts in great depth.

Nursery School (0-3 years)

Your child has extraordinary powers of mind; in this Early Childhood developmental plane, she possesses a sponge-like ability to simply absorb information and concepts from her surroundings. The Montessori Primary program, for children between the ages of three to six years old, is designed to meet the needs of your child in this crucial phase of her life. The Primary program is an opportunity to nurture your child’s individual development within the context of a group setting.


Primary School (3-6 years)

The Primary classroom offers children precision, exactness, and order through manipulation of materials. Preparation of the mathematical mind is crucial to further development of intellectual pursuits. Using concrete materials, we introduce abstract forms and calculations. Each particular quality of an abstract idea can be presented in isolation.

We support the natural drive for independence by encouraging children to choose activities of interest, without interruption. The resulting feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction engender respect from the children towards others.


Elementary School (6-12 years)

The Montessori Elementary program offers an unrivaled option for the further development of your child. Designed for children between the ages of six and twelve, this program offers a planned environment that supports your child’s growing need for independence. Our Elementary program shapes not only academic skills, but also a child’s lifelong outlook on learning.


Middle School (12-14 years)

In the Montessori Middle School program, classrooms are treated as a community, of which students are vital members. As a member of this community, students are encouraged to remain respectful, honest, and held responsible for their commitments.

The multi-age grouping continues in Middle School, with classrooms of students ages twelve to fourteen. This grouping allows for peer mentorship, building leadership skills and self-confidence.


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