The Montessori Elementary Program offers children, ages six to twelve years old, an advanced curriculum that shapes academic and interpersonal skills. This unrivaled program focuses on comprehension and expression, rather than simple memorization. Children advance from the Elementary Program as well-rounded students, filled with a love for learning.

Language Arts

For children, the ability to speak opens doors; the ability to read opens minds. Our Language Arts program builds on the foundation laid in Primary to master tasks such as:

  • Reading & Writing
  • Spelling, Vocabulary, & Dictionary Skills
  • Poetry & Novel Studies – each classroom includes a library of fiction, non-fiction, and reference books
  • Research Skills
  • Penmanship Skills

The upper Elementary language arts curriculum further develops the students’ ability to analyze sentences, master study and research skills, and further explore different areas of writing (narrative, expository, persuasive, poetry, etc.). Novel studies develop vocabulary, comprehension and critical thinking skills.

In addition to written communication, students develop their oral communication skills such as speech, social listening and appreciative listening through monthly book reports and sharing weekly current event articles. The upper Elementary students study the English language from the roots up, studying the Greek and Latin roots to our everyday language.



Fine Arts

Dr. Montessori recommended children have daily exposure to art and music. Students will be exposed to many materials designed to stimulate the child’s senses and peak their creative interest. Arts are integrated into our daily classroom activities and lesson extensions, where the creative process is more important than the product.


The New Music School

In addition to daily classroom exposure to art and music, we have also partnered with New Music School to provide weekly music classes. Through this program students learn rhythm, tone, listening, singing and simple musical instruments.


Math is a very concrete experience in a Montessori classroom. We introduce our Elementary students to the following:

  • The study of numbers & numeration
  • Mathematical operations & relations
  • Graphing
  • Geometry & Algebra preparation

This study continues throughout the Elementary program, weaving together subjects that traditional schools may not introduce until children are much older, such as squaring and cubing and square root.


Science studies in a Montessori classroom encompasses:

  • Geology
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Zoology & Botany

Regular, monitored science experiments are designed to give our students basic knowledge of the development of the solar system, the earth and its configurations, life on earth, and the needs of plants and animals. Experiments and activities outside the classroom give true meaning to this area of study. Children can also participate in our annual Science Fair.


Montessori children study physical, political, and functional geography. In-depth studies of different cultures are incorporated into all areas of the curriculum including art, reading, history, and science. Through the use of map materials in the classroom students learn the names of countries and cities all over the world. Cultural studies often include field trips.


The study of History in the Elementary class begins with the Five Great Lessons. These lessons tell a story that leaves quite an impression on children. They begin with how our planet began and how it has progressed through time, observing the fundamental needs of man and how they have changed. Once the larger picture has been examined, children study World and U.S. History, as well as that of their own city and state.


Elementary Enrichment

At the Academy, we believe that a good education should be well rounded and introduce students to a variety of interests, hobbies, cultures, and populations. This philosophy is incorporated into the Elementary curriculum through the following enrichment activities:

  • Gym Class
  • Art & Music Classes
  • Language Classes – including Latin, Greek, and Spanish immersion class for students of age 9-12 years old.

These enrichment activities, which are led by our highly qualified instructors, provide a creative outlet for our students to express themselves and build upon social and physical skills.

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