A letter from Bill and Fosca White

LetterImageDear Prospective Family,

As we embark on our second decade as a Montessori school our vision to create a partnership between students, our faculty, parents and the community that is dedicated to the development of the whole person. At the Academy we provide an environment that allows our students to explore freely, develop strengths and celebrate learning successes while simultaneously developing their leadership potential. By working together to create a positive learning environment, we enable our students to reach their potential by allowing them to develop positive attributes for life. The description of an Academy graduate does more than describe the children leaving the Academy; it also identifies that we choose to do our work as educators in partnership with families. In the school environment, faculty and staff are expected to role model the attributes of an Academy graduate daily and to provide opportunities for children to develop these attributes within and outside of the classroom. Likewise, in the home environment, we expect parents to role model the same attributes daily as well as provide opportunities for their children to develop these attributes. This process of role modeling then is carried over from the classroom to home and beyond into the outside world. As a result, the attributes, developed in our students, are the outcomes of the Academy’s successful educational program.

Our vision is to extend our mission beyond the students at the Academy. We strive to integrate parents and teaching professionals into a true learning community that impacts our neighboring communities and the greater Montessori professional community. All of us share in the responsibility for advocating the success and the “magic” of what goes on in Montessori classrooms in our surrounding community and beyond.

Collectively, in the Academy environment, we have responsibility to support student’s growth by: (1) role modeling the attributes (to students, parents, and colleagues); (2) providing opportunities for students to develop the attributes; and (3) equipping ourselves and others to extend Montessori learning to the home environment. We must live the values in addition to getting results academically and socially. Living these values is as important to the Academy’s success as the excellence with which we, individually, execute our daily choices. In other words, living the values is a primary job responsibility that is shared by all – parent, teacher, and administrator.

In the Montessori tradition of academic excellence, we celebrate each new school year and the strides our children will make toward their individual goals. Whether it’s your first year or you are a returning family, we welcome each of you to another school year at the Academy as we still have so much to learn and offer the children. We look forward to the times we will share, the continued parent enrichment events, the discoveries, the laughter and most of all, the learning that is yet to come.

Thank you.



Zia Fosca, Bill, and Your Academy Faculty


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