It’s no mistake that the phrase “parent community” is included in our organizational purpose. Developing a strong partnership between school and home is an essential ingredient toward positive educational outcomes. The Academy takes pride in the vibrant and close-knit community we have developed over the years. There are a number of ways parents can get involved in their child’s education here.



Room parents and community events

Each classroom has 3 – 5 volunteer “room parents” who work with teachers to help organize events geared toward creating a sense of community and connection. These range from family gatherings at Diversey Rock n’ Bowl, to Valentine’s Day dances, to parents-only dinners. Room parents also coordinate things like donation drives and buying birthday gifts for classroom teachers.


Continued Parent Enrichments

CPEs are a series of hour-long presentations offered to parents and conducted by our expert staff. They touch on an array of subjects ranging from toileting during the nursery years to the impact of social media on adolescents. Different CPEs take different forms – some offer a deep dive into the Montessori approach, others provide the opportunity for group discussion about challenging topics. Check out this year’s CPE calendar.

Friends of Montessori Academy of Chicago (FoMAC)

Friends of the Montessori Academy of Chicago, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, was founded with the commitment to invest in our community, teachers, and students. It is fully run by volunteer parents who help raise funds throughout the year to support initiatives like teacher training and professional development grants, scholarship opportunities for students in need, and extra-curricular programming materials. In addition to other initiatives, FoMAC hosts a school-wide 5k race and our annual gala.


Parent Advisory Committee (MACPAC)

Our version of a local school council, the MACPAC is comprised of a group of volunteer parents who assist the Academy with developing policy, procedures, and communication strategies. The MACPAC is intended to foster the Montessori principle of collaborative leadership in the community by enhancing and encouraging communication between parents/guardians and the Administration about issues affecting the school.