The Academy has been open for in-person, full-time learning since July 2020. We’ve kept children and teachers safe throughout the course of the Covid-19 pandemic through common sense mitigation strategies and by always following the science. Over 95% of our employees are vaccinated against Covid, and 100% of our eligible students are vaccinated as well.

We continue to take the pandemic seriously while allowing for a normalized experience for all the members of our community. We’ve developed our health and safety protocols in close consultation with our medical advisor, who is a University of Chicago Hospitals pediatrician.

Here are the policies we currently have in place:

  • Masks are optional for all students. Staff, faculty, and parents are required to wear masks while indoors.
  • Minimum 5-day isolation from school if an individual tests positive for Covid, or has a known close contact with someone who has tested positive.
  • If returning to school in under 10 days following a positive test, an individual must first test negative on a rapid test.
  • Any individual exhibiting Covid-like symptoms is excluded from school and may not return until symptom-free for 24 hours and with a negative Covid test.
  • Classrooms are not automatically closed in the event of an exposure at school. The impacted classroom will enter our ‘test-to-stay’ protocol, which entails at-home testing every 48 hours in order to continue attending school.