At the Montessori Academy of Chicago, our goal is to develop engaged and independent thinkers who embrace community responsibility and leadership. Our teachers strive to inspire a joy of learning, academic success, emotional well-being, and creativity in each student, so they may advance from the Academy to make a difference in the world.

The Nursery Program is designed for the developmental needs of infants and toddlers.

There are two major components to the nursery program: a comfortable home-like environment for non-walking children, and an open space for the walking children to discover their world through exploration.

The space is created with your child’s need in mind to assist them in reaching their full potential. The furniture is child-sized and all materials provided are smaller versions of the real materials your child sees you using at home.


The Primary classroom offers children precision, exactness, and order through manipulation of materials. Preparation of the mathematical mind is crucial to further development of intellectual pursuits. Using concrete materials, we introduce abstract forms and calculations. Each particular quality of an abstract idea can be presented in isolation.

We support the natural drive for independence by encouraging children to choose activities of interest, without interruption. The resulting feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction engender respect from the children towards others.


The Montessori Elementary program offers an unrivaled option for the further development of your child. Designed for children between the ages of six and twelve, this program offers a planned environment that supports your child’s growing need for independence. Our Elementary program shapes not only academic skills, but also a child’s lifelong outlook on learning.


In the Montessori Middle School program, classrooms are treated as a community, of which students are vital members. As a member of this community, students are encouraged to remain respectful, honest, and held responsible for their commitments.

The multi-age grouping continues in Middle School, with classrooms of students ages twelve to fourteen. This grouping allows for peer mentorship, building leadership skills and self-confidence.


MAC News

Extracurricular Activities at the Academy

March 14, 2016 - Montessori Admin
Montessori Academy of Chicago students enjoy an array of after school extracurricular activities. These classes are scheduled at times that are convenient for families and optimal for student development. We also partner with North Shore Pediatric Therapy to offer small group activities centered around emotional awareness, fine motor control, and sensorial exploration. See below for some of the extracurriculars our Primary and Elementary students experience! Cooking- Everyone at the Academy knows how important that afternoon snack can be. Healthy Cooking Class with our partner Sticky Fingers provides children with a chance to gain hands-on cooking experience. Each week the class collectively works to create a healthy snack. The children have been learning skills such as measuring and food prep safety. Needless to say, the end outcome is always a treat. Bollywood- One of our long standing programs here at the Academy is Bollywood Dance. We have the privilege of having Ms. Ajanta, co-owner and founder of Bollywood Groove as our teacher here on Thursday afternoons for this awesome extracurricular class. Bollywood class spans across three levels of students here at school which makes it a community wide activity. The students have been busy learning stories and dance moves in order to prepare for our all school show! Basketball- A new addition to our extracurricular lineup is Basketball 101 with Amazing Athletes. This class is taught by Coach Rory of Amazing Athletes who also teaches gym classes to our Elementary students. The students have been developing their skills in areas such as dribbling, footwork, ball handling and proper shooting technique. The students are having a great time in basketball class and look forward to spending Monday afternoons with Coach Rory!

Cosmic Education

January 4, 2016 - admin
The sole purpose of Cosmic Education is to help the child realize his place within the whole. The Cosmic Curriculum, which is the foundation of all learning in the elementary classroom, is designed to arouse a child’s curiosity in the world around him. The child at the elementary age is full of wonder and questions about the world. The core of the Cosmic Curriculum lies in the Great Lessons – five dramatic presentations that spark the imagination, inspire a passion for learning, and anchor the work in other areas, serving as a starting point for further study and research. These five Great Lessons each have a theme that answers big picture questions that the child is interested in and help them determine the cosmic task of everything on Earth. These lessons can be thought of as one continual story about the creation of the universe through current time. The lessons are given in order to show how the universe prepared for life as we know it. The Five Great Lessons are The Story of the Universe, The Story of Life, The Coming of Man, The Story of Language, and The Story of Numbers. (For more information, see the Cosmic Chronicle Newsletter for a link to a PowerPoint presentation about the Great Lessons.) Read more

Grace and Courtesy

November 19, 2015 - admin
The lessons in Grace and Courtesy play an important part role in the Montessori Method. Not only are these lessons presented and learned in a Montessori classroom, they are also carried on to include courtesy to those outside our immediate community through community service. Maria Montessori believed that it is the duty of every person to work toward and be part of something great, which not only serves individual interests, but also those of all humanity. For children to understand this, they need to be nurtured in the ways of grace, courtesy, and service, in the hopes of letting these flourish and grow throughout their lives. Read more


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