The Secondary program is the natural continuum for students, ages twelve to fourteen, building upon the Montessori foundation established in the infant and elementary years. Our mission is to empower early adolescents by providing opportunities that allow them to grow both academically and socially.


The classroom is an engaging community for young adolescents.

In the Montessori Middle School program, classrooms are treated as a community, of which students are vital members. As a member of this community, students are encouraged to remain respectful, honest, and held responsible for their commitments. The multi-age grouping continues in Middle School, with classrooms of students ages twelve to fourteen. This grouping allows for peer mentorship, building leadership skills and self-confidence.

Certified Montessori teachers create a positive learning environment.

Each classroom is led by a Montessori certified teacher and their assistant. As facilitators for learning, the Montessori acts as a consultant and role model for students. Our teachers partner with students and parents, providing regular communication and ensuring a positive atmosphere for learning.


The Secondary Curriculum engages students in meaningful and challenging work.

At the Academy, Middle School students are engaged in tangible application of the Montessori philosophy through their academic work and social interactions. Across all subject areas, students are encouraged to digest concrete materials using their reasoning skills, which are developed through the use of:

  • Process Questioning. Following an academic lesson, teachers ask students a series of questions, allowing students to develop a deeper understanding of the topic. This method provides opportunity for students to “process” their thoughts and express themselves clearly.
  • Socratic Dialogue. The Socratic method concentrates on asking questions and allowing time for independent, reflective, and critical thinking. The result is an open dialogue, in which expression is encouraged without unnecessary conflict.

Students are given opportunities to gain knowledge outside of the classroom.

In the Middle School program, learning goes beyond the classroom. During the first month of school, students can attend an environmental awareness and leadership camp. These outdoor education activities include:

  • Trust Activities
  • Group Initiatives & Individual Challenges
  • Nature Studies & Ecology Activities.

During the year, students may also attend a trip to the Land Lab and an adventure trip at the end of the year for field studies.


Service learning goes beyond community service.

In the Middle School program, students are expected to be active members of their community. Service learning provides students the opportunity to participate in the planning and decision-making involved in service projects. This helps students learn through active participation in thoughtfully organized service experiences. These experiences are coordinated with the school and community and are integrated into the academic curriculum.

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