(0-3 years old)

The Nursery Program is designed for the individual developmental needs of our infant, toddler, and pre-primary students.

The Environment

There are two major components to the nursery program: a comfortable home-like environment for non-walking children, and an open space for the crawling and walking children to discover their immediate world through gross motor and sensorial exploration.

Our classroom and gross motor space is created with your childís needs in mind in order to best assist them in reaching their full physical, social, and academic potential. Classroom furniture is child-sized and all of our materials are smaller versions of implements your child sees you using at home.



The Infant Room serves as a nest away from home.

The Nido room (Italian for “nest”) is reserved for our youngest members of the Montessori community. Here, we try to mimic your childís home to the best of our ability by curating a cozy, comfortable classroom that includes natural wood furniture and toys, soothing rocking chairs, and engaging areas for play. The environment is designed for infants 6 weeks to 15-18 months old.

With 12 students per class, the space is divided into four home-like areas for:

Playing. In our special movement area, your child will have access to customized stands, stairs, and bars for pulling themselves up to a standing position.

Sleeping. The quiet sleeping area provides your child with either an individual bed or crib.

Eating. Our eating area is equipped with child-sized tables, chairs, and utensils for mealtime.

Personal Care. Your child will have access to a private area for bathing and changing.

The Toddler Program

The Montessori Toddler program, for children ages 15-24 months old, is designed to promote independence by capturing your child’s attention and interest.

The curriculum is created to advance your child’s development. 

At this stage, we encourage social interaction with other children, development of language and practical life skills through art, music, Spanish language lessons, and movement activities. The curriculum also includes activities that will allow your child to develop their fine and gross motor coordination and visual discrimination through the sensorial materials and real-life activities like cooking, care for the environment, and self-care work. A toddler toileting area encourages beginning training and bathroom independence, as well as personal hygiene.

The structure to build your child’s “I can do it” attitude. 

As they learn how to hang up their own coat, pour their own water, help prepare their own snack, and clean up their own spills, a growing conviction of “I can do it” will develop. Your child will be provided with the freedom to explore their learning environment with purpose and engage with a wide range of Montessori materials designed to cater to their precise developmental needs.



The Pre-Primary Program

The Pre-Primary classroom is designed to meet the developmental needs and high energy levels of children 2-3 years of age. With a classroom size of 16 students, the Pre-Primary program eases the transition into the Montessori Primary program by providing your child with a sense of satisfaction, self-direction, and independence in their learning.

The program prepares your child for the Montessori Primary program. 

Of particular importance in this program is preparation for the larger and more involved materials and lessons of the Primary classroom. This is done with a focus on self-care, including grace and courtesy, internal self-discipline, and the ability to make choices in the classroom.

Your child will receive an introduction to math and language skills. 

Our program will introduce math materials that will help your child develop an awareness and understanding of numeration, counting, and basic mathematical operations. At this stage, your child will also have access to a specialized language area, filled with materials to develop the preliminary skills for writing and literacy. Additionally, Spanish language class is included in the classroom curriculum.

Learning is taken outside of the classroom.

We believe all students should take advantage of the opportunities provided by living in such a culturally diverse city like Chicago! At the Academy, both Pre-Primary and Toddler students take field trips throughout the year. These trips include visits to places like nature conservatories, museums, parks, and plays.



Working together with parents is of paramount importance.

We provide support to make the nursery years fruitful and joyful for the whole family. Our teachers are available to offer advice and assistance with everything from creating a beautiful Montessori-inspired environment for your child at home, or sharing information on sleep, nutrition, toileting, and behavior management.

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