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Cosmic Education

The sole purpose of Cosmic Education is to help the child realize his place within the whole. The Cosmic Curriculum, which is the foundation of all learning in the elementary classroom, is designed to arouse a child’s curiosity in the world around him. The child at the elementary age is full of wonder and questions about the world. The core of the Cosmic Curriculum lies in the Great Lessons – five dramatic presentations that spark the imagination, inspire a passion for learning, and anchor the work in other areas, serving as a starting point for further study and research.

These five Great Lessons each have a theme that answers big picture questions that the child is interested in and help them determine the cosmic task of everything on Earth. These lessons can be thought of as one continual story about the creation of the universe through current time. The lessons are given in order to show how the universe prepared for life as we know it. The Five Great Lessons are The Story of the Universe, The Story of Life, The Coming of Man, The Story of Language, and The Story of Numbers. (For more information, see the Cosmic Chronicle Newsletter for a link to a PowerPoint presentation about the Great Lessons.) (more…)